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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Developing and Maintaining a Sustainable Alpaca Business 

Light Breakfast, Great lunch, 


Fee: $125 per VAOBA, CABO, MABA & PAOBA members, and an additional $75 for attendees from the same member farm; $150 for non-members, and an additional $100 for non-member attendees from the same farm. $50 for non-Alpaca Owners coming as a guest. This three-part seminar would be perfect for potential clients of yours who are considering buying alpacas from your farm. We encourage you to promote this opportunity to anybody with a possible interest in the alpaca industry.
This all day seminar will cover three revenue streams associated with the alpaca industry. Some alpaca owners only focus on one of the three revenue streams, but the seminar attendees will gain a better understanding of the overlapping in all three areas and additional business models that may be appropriate for their farm.  In addition to VAOBA alpaca owners, this three-part seminar would be perfect for anybody with a possible interest in the alpaca industry.


1.  Sarah Donahoe, Long Acres Alpaca Farm: How the Show Circuit Can Assist You to Make Money!  Sarah’s presentation will include the Alpaca Show System Structure where she will discuss Show Participation Goals, Show System Classes, Practical Considerations, Rules Highlights and Changes and Breed Standards. In addition, Sarah will address Income and Expense Strategies, targeting Alpaca Sales & Auction Considerations, Purchasing Decisions and Developing a Client Base. Lastly, Sarah will provide information on How to Improve your Alpaca Show Experience.

2.  Jay Reeder, Apple Mountain Alpacas: Is Agritourism Right For Me? Jay, a nationally known speaker, will discuss the growing world of agritourism. Attendees will gain an understanding of the financial dilemma facing small alpaca farms, and begin to explore whether agritourism is right for them. Jay will discuss in detail Agritourism Revenue Streams, Effective Marketing Strategies for Agritourism, Risk Management and a Checklist for Getting Started!

3.  Karl Heinrich, New Era Fibers: The Business Aspects of Alpaca Fiber!  Karl, another nationally known speaker, will focus on areas of importance to breeders regarding the business aspects of fiber. Topics for this portion of the seminar will include how to conduct a herd analysis for uniformity, consistency, etc., best practice tips and methods of sorting/skirting, shearing considerations for most lucrative outcomes, breeding/purchasing decisions consistent with herd development goals, retail product trends, developing retail fiber product outlets, product pricing considerations, important considerations when developing relationships and/or partnerships with mills, co-ops & other farms, top trending market outlets for products, future of alpaca in the fashion industry, inroads and considerations to partnerships within the fashion industry, etc. 

If anybody would like to send fiber to Karl at New Era Fiber please contact him at (615) 452-7852, or karlh@newerafiber.com, or check his website www.newerafiber.com for information about his processing capabilities and meeting your needs. Karl will be glad to pick your fiber up at the seminar and take it with him for processing at his New Era Fiber mill. He just needs to know how much fiber he is picking up so he can plan transportation accordingly.

Register: (Please send your name, address, email & phone if not a current member of VAOBA).

Please make  your check payable to VAOBA  and mail to Patricia Kinsey, VAOBA Treasurer at 12467 Harbor Drive, Orange, VA 22960 or register and pay here:

CABO, MABA and PAOBA members please use VAOBA member pull-down for correct price.

Cost Options


Location: Mary's Alpaca in The Plains, Virginia.  Your host: Mary Forte

QUESTIONS:  Mary Forte 305-803-1444 or Dave Grembi (Education Chair)  pointofviewalpacas@hughes.net


Coming Spring 2020

Lastly, your Education Committee is looking ahead to Spring 2020 for a hopeful “Neonate” seminar by nationally known veterinarian Dr. Cheryl DeWitt. We are currently looking for a venue and date. More to come!

Wishing you the very best, and feel free to contact Dave Grembi, Education Committee Chair, at pointofviewalpacas@hughes.net if you have questions or want to provide comments, or if you'd like to hold an event at your farm. 



March 23, 2019 Event: 

 Char Johnson held a VAOBA sponsored fleece seminar at Donna Atkins farm  to present her “No Fear Fleece Skirting” program. The program included factors effecting fleece, how fleece characteristics relate to products, helpful hints for shearing, how fleece is evaluated, determining the quality and best use of fleece and steps to take in skirting. The afternoon was hands on skirting and learning! 12 people attended the program and they all noted how much they learned and how much fun it was spending time with fellow alpaca owners. It was a great success and a great value for alpaca owners!