— The VAOBA Team

Laurel Springs Alpacas

Living the Dream

Laurie and William Crossman
4661 Cople HighwayMount Holly, VA 22524-0220
Bayshore's Nikon - Herdsire - $1,200
Laurel Springs Kodak
Clearview's Henrietta

Owning alpacas has always been my aspiration but to own such an outstanding herd was beyond my expectations. Without Hunting Run's introduction and the guidance of Clearview and Southern Legacy Alpaca Farms I would not be where I am today. Many of my alpaca have peruvian parents or grandparents, Aga Khan, Sheer Galaxy, Snowmass Invincible's Crusader are just a few names on the certificates. But each alpaca has a personality and has been a delight to get to know. Entering the world of alpacas, keeping them healthy, caring for them and learning as much as I can about them is a daily and sometimes hourly adventure. I work hard to keep their world stress free. My babies will enter the show world this year and I am very excited to introduce them to you. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding breeding or pricing.

Enjoy my Fleecy herd!

Nikon-Commanding herdsire
Bolt - Fills two large garbage bags of fleece
Pilgrim and Sassy - princesses
Lucky Spade, Tacoma, Kodak - youngsters
Q-tip, Jamestowne, Nirvana, Khandida,
Kylee, Belle, Henrietta, Roxie, Buttercup, Wiki, and Winfrey - treasures