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NEONATE – Hands on with Dr. Cheryl DeWitt

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Show Info/Forms and Contacts


Forms for exhibitors are below...

1.VAOBA Expo 2019 exhibitor-disclosure-form.pdf  

Needed for Halter, Walking Fleece, Fleece & Cottage Fleece, Performance

2.VAOBA Fall Derby exhibitor-disclosure-form.pdf

Needed for all Derby Halter Registrations.


Used when purchasing an alpaca and the AOA certificate is not yet in your name 


Note 1: When downloading the Exhibitor Disclosure Form for shows you first click on the words. Then you save the form to your desktop. You fill out the form; sign with your electronic signature. Save the form again and upload by clicking on the Upload icon. For setting up the electronic signature see: Creating a digital ID (for signing disclosures).pdf.

Note 2: When uploading your alpaca certificates please use the pdf that AOA has emailed to you. It is the proper size and orientation and is intended for this use. DO NOT upload certificates that you download from alpacainfo.com that have “copy” as a “watermark”. These are not copies of the originals and will not be accepted.

Note 3: Spin-off requests that you mail a copy of your certificate with your 2 oz. sample regardless of the certificate having been uploaded.

Note 4: Please ask for help if you need it!


If you have questions, please call or email the the person who might meet your needs

Event Coordinator:  Kevin O'Leary koleary@royalshellsales.com 603-616-6010

Fleece, Cottage Fleece Superintendent: Cheri Seiler  show.super.seiler@gmail.com   304-496-9946

Fiber Arts: Patty Fuller  fuller@poplarhill.com   540 230-5775

Halter Superintendent: Sue Ives  show.super.ives@gmail.com 804-503-3558

Spin-off: Patty Fuller  fuller@poplarhill.com   540 230-5775

Walking Fleece Superintendent:  Patty Fuller  fuller@poplarhill.com   540 230-5775

Show Chairman:  Donna Higgason  DonnaHiggason@gmail.com

Sponsor Coordinator:  Donne Higgason   DonnaHiggason@gmail.com
Vendor Coordinator:  Judy Howe   wildwoodpacas@yahoo.com