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A (New) Big Deal for 2019 Vendors

  Our new venue offers a spectacular opportunity for our traditional vendors and newcomers looking for commercial possibilities available only with significant foot traffic! We are expecting huge weekend crowds at the holiday end of the year. VAOBA  welcomes all vendors, those strictly retail and others organized for wholesale possibilities, especially those who support the alpaca industry and provide services or products alpaca-related. We will have alpaca exhibitors from everywhere and many spectators who are eager to learn more about alpaca. And everybody can be expected to be open to a little holiday shopping!

We take our vendors and their needs very seriously - our vendor manager this year is the VAOBA treasurer, Patricia Kinsey. Plus, all vendor applications will be personally approved by the Show Chairman, P. Jay Fetner.  Please read the following guidelines and standards, carefully, but we want to emphasize that Jay and Patricia are available to tailor the weekend to your specifications (within reason). In particular, we will find the optimum location for you relative to your space needs and the public flow.

 Set up / Tear down. Set up is Friday, November 15th, beginning as early as you need. Tear down is when the show officially ends on Sunday, November 17th. There should be no tear down activity while the show is in progress and the public remains at the venue. We will be able to provide help to you at both times; you tell us what you require.

Pricing. There will be three basic spaces available and three prices accordingly. The small space is roughly 10’ x 10’ (100 s.f.) and will cost $500, all-in. The medium space is roughly 10’ x 20’  (200 s.f). and costs $1,000. The largest space, 3 booths or 300 sq ft, including any additional footage required, will bring $1,500. All pricing includes 1 electrical drop, tables and chairs as needed, any required local County vendor fees, and set up and tear down assistance. 10% of all pricing will go toward funding the intimate private sale Friday night at a Meet - and - Greet informal affair featuring sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors enjoying the displays and opportunities at first-come, first-served sales. Music. Finger food. Demonstrations at some booths. A classy evening and start to a classy weekend.

Special Arrangements. Some vendors may wish to do more and sponsor a particular class, championship, event, or part of the shows. We will trade vendor space for appropriate sponsorships. Sharpen your pencils and talk to Jay.

No Live Animals. No live animals – including but not limited to guardian livestock dogs, llamas, donkeys, cute rabbits, etc. - are allowed in the Exhibition Hall. You may bring pictures and literature advertising same but no actual animals.

Space. Vendors will appear at various spots in the Hall, always with the logical flow of the public in mind. Within reason, we are determined to work with all vendors to ensure welcome placement. 

Taxes and Insurance. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance and for collecting and paying State and local taxes as required by law. We will provide tax forms that should be completed at the conclusion of the shows.

Additional Promotion. All vendors will be recognized in the show catalog and business cards reproduced.  Your business name and link to your website will be displayed on the show website immediately.

New! The Guarantee! This venue will meet or exceed your expectations. You trust us. We will trust you. If at the end of the weekend, a vendor is not pleased with the results, we will honor any and all demands for a refund of 50% of vendor fees paid. No questions asked, just mutual disappointment. (We don't expect it.)

New! The VAOBA Cooperative. This year, we will institute a large vendor booth called “The VAOBA Cooperative”. Every member Farm which sells products at their farm store or beyond is encouraged to offer those products in the Exhibition Hall through this special store/booth. Space is free – VAOBA will take 15% of sales (of which 5% will go directly to our professional store manager). The only limitation to what members may sell is that the products that involve wholesale purchases and markup for retail resale cannot be priced less than the price offered at the show by comparable or the same products offered by our commercial vendors. We are most interested in selling products at the Cooperative that have a significant value-added component by a member farm. It should be emphasized that members do not have to supply sales people – we will sell the products and use whatever information is supplied for doing so. Members may also of course purchase their own commercial space as commercial vendors. 

TO APPLY, contact Patricia Kinsey at pkhdeluxed@yahoo.com.

(A word to the wise:  Vendors are advised to step up their displays; this ain't Grandma's country porch).

Please watch for alerts & updates on terms &